De Simone LVT questions

Via #OSW Forum

Hi guys. I just got one of these. I know they are old and not very detailed, I couldn’t resist picking it up. The thing is huge. I love it. I want to do some detailing/customization. I have done some research here and across the net. I have seen some good ideas. I just wanted to know if anyone has any first hand experience with this vehicle.

i have a temporary fix for the tailgate which won’t stay closed, but how have any of you addressed this long term?

What about paint? What kind works best? I know that some of the newer spray paints have a built in primer but do they really work? Do I need to scruff it up with sandpaper before painting to help the paint stick? How many coats do you recommend?

any help you can provide on these issues or anything else pertaining to the LVT will be appreciated. Thanks. De Simone LVT questions