[Scaletta] 1/6 scale TWD Survival Bike

Via #OSW Forum

Hey, dear friends )

We are on Kickstarter! Interested in 1/6 custom survival bike by Scaletta? Check this link 1/6 Scale Custom Survival Bike by Scaletta Studio by Scaletta Studio —Kickstarter

Painted and inpainted versions are available. Price info:
– Painted version is $389
– Unpainted version is $308

Now we are able to work together as a team, Scaletta Studio and the Collectors Community. By using Kickstarter we will be able to gauge the interest and keep the release numbers low while still maintaining the quality/craftsmanship at an affordable price.

Minimum quantity for a green light on this project is 100 pcs. We will make more than 100 if they are requested. This round is also testing the Kickstarter platform for future projects – Survival Bike ver. 2? No problemo )))

Join our Fb Group for more info, pics etc. Pm me with any questions https://www.facebook.com/groups/1153…?ref=bookmarks

"Dream Big" Rapunzel said. Will you join us on this journey?