There is no embarrassment or shame in visiting the "Barbie" aisle . . .

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There is some stigma when 1:6 collectors visit the Barbie aisle at retail stores to look for 1:6 bits and pieces ranging from female and/or male clothing and accessories.

Granted. the selection (and colors) are not necessarily ideal at times; however, on occasion a worthwhile find can be had.


The pictured Barbie accessory set is less than $3.00 USD (after sales tax) in my area. I found it at WALMART.

Why is this set significant or worthy?

Look at it closely.

A 1:6 laptop. A 1:6 smartphone/tablet. 1:6 water bottle. 1:6 plate of cookies.

The glasses are pretty much a throw away. Maybe the 1:6 cookies too due to the color or the plate. Everything else is definitely a worthwhile 1:6 prop that can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

I’m going to try and post more of such finds when able. I found a 1:6 ice cream cart for $5.00 and it comes with a generic Barbie doll, but the colors on the cart are not ideal. However, it can be salvaged and improved upon by those with the patience and skills. I didn’t buy it, but I’m going to go back later on in the week.

There is no embarrassment or shame in checking out the Barbie aisle my fellow collectors. It’s just a matter of making and taking the effort to look.