铠儿模玩 1/6 女忍者 飞鸟 &地台石灯场景 Care TOYS 1/6 Kunoichi Asuka (女忍 あすか) Action Figure …


铠儿模玩 1/6 女忍者 飞鸟 &地台石灯场景
Care TOYS 1/6 Kunoichi Asuka (女忍 あすか) Action Figure

Asuka(飛ぶ鳥 あすか)
Belongs to: Iga fraction

身份:忍者(等级 中忍 实际作战的现场指挥官,忍术超然出众)
Identity: Kunoichi (grade: Chuunin, actual combat field commander, excellent Ninjutsu)

身为伊贺派首领 百地三太夫 嫡传弟子的女忍者 飞鸟,目前在组织内担任中忍的头衔,是带领下忍们在一线执行战斗任务的指挥官。这次受命在兴福
As the leader of Iga fraction, Momochi Tanba elder disciple, the female Ninja Asuka currently hold the title of Chuunin in the organization, is the commander who leads lesser Ninja perform combat missions on the front line. This time, she executed a secret mission outside the gate of the Xingfu Temple mountain.

铠儿模玩 (Care TOYS) 全新研发亚洲女性娇小身材女素体。
鉴于目前市场都是身高约1.75米以上等比缩小的欧美高个丰腴型身材的女素体,为符合产品系列人物形象,铠儿玩具 (Care TOYS)专门研发了这款 实际身高约为1.60米等比例缩小1:6比例的 瘦削身材娇小亚洲女性素体。素体采用硬PVC材质,(跟HT同样的材质)(正式产品大货会进行乳房等部位的体妆上色)。新女素体兼顾外型美观及高可动性,关节松紧适度,牢固耐用.不会爆胶(无胶可爆),配备五对手型及连接器,还有增高小腿连接器。足以应对正常摆造型的最实用手型需要。
Female body:
Care TOYS has developed Asian women petite figure female body recently.
In view of the female bodies in current market are all about 1.75 meters in height scaled down western body with a plump shape, to meet personalities of series product, Care TOYS specially develop the slender petite Asian female body, the body to the actual 1.6-meter-tall female ratio is 1:6. The body is made of hard PVC material (the same material as HT) (The formal product will carry on the body make-up on breast and other body parts). The new female body has beautiful appearance and high mobility, and the joints tightness are suitable, firm and durable, will not burst glue (without glue), equipped with five opponents and connectors, as well as an elevated calf connector, to meet the most practical hand shape needs of normal styling.

规格 1:6(约 26×5cm)
サイズ 1:6( 約26×5cm)
Specifications 1:6(about26×5cm)

It is particularly worth mentioning that, in order to make 1:6 ratio toys more interesting, we have developed the first generation of 1:6 female movable hand type. The smallest 1 millimeter joint connector requires a high degree of process, design and assembling. A pair of hands have nearly 100 parts, we try our best to make everyone happy, and are willing to challenge and try.
The styling and pose of the female body are superior to similar products on the market, the head, hand and foot connectors commonly used in HT and other mainstream female body, with a good accessories interchangeability. Are you tired of western plump breasts and buttocks female body? Do you want a petite and lovely young girl body for a change? Whether to play with or put on the cabinet, this new female body will be a good choice.

铠儿模玩特意请一流头雕师制作了一款美丽的亚洲女孩头雕,还做了妙尼姑头(秃头),短发植发,以及长发束马尾(龙尾发),披肩发 四款可替换发型供大家选择。到时就可以有四款造型替换着玩了。
Head carving:
Care TOYS specially invited excellent head carver to produce a beautiful Asian girl head, there are also four hair styles of nun head(bald), short hair, long hair ponytail (dragon tail hair), shawl hair for everyone to choose.

篭手 在日本甲胄中指的就是手臂装甲。材质为纯铜片加上纯铜环纯手工连接。之后喷烤漆制成,视觉效果接近真实笼手。一千多个大大小小的金属环纯手工串起,五十八块金属板,每片都需要捶打定型,我们相信,我们的诚意大家看得见!
Barrel Kote:
Kote in Japan refers to the arm armor. Material is pure copper, coupled with pure copper ring, hand manual connected. After spraying paint, the visual effect is close to the real kote. More than 1000 metal rings handmade strung, fifty-eight metal plates, each piece needs to beat the stereotypes, we believe that our sincerity will move everyone!

Ninja katana, usually use straight blade katana, and the katana of Asuka was sent by her master Momochi Tanba, therefore she carries it with one. The name of this katana is Long Cry text, was made by a famous artisan, it is very beautiful.
Are you get tired of the 1:6 plastic katana and die-casting rough lead zinc alloy katana on the market? The katana developed by Care TOYS refers to 1:1 Japanese katana from material and shape, the blade adopts stainless steel blade by hand grinding and polishing, Dao tan is made by pure copper, the decorative dragon head (handle) is made of metal. In addition, there will also have a traditional handle can be replaced when sales. Menuki, Seppa, arrowheads are available in all varieties, is a very exquisite Katana currently produced by1:6 Ninja factory.

also called “pomegranate carving”, is the flack dagger of Asuka, also made according to the real dagger. The blade adopts stainless steel blade by manual polishing, fittings using copper production, is a very dainty dagger currently produced by Ninja factory.

blade adapter:
made of solid wood.

recording the anonymous Ninjutsu martial secrets of Iga fraction.

般若(女鬼)的鬼面具,佩戴上用来威慑敌人 隐藏自己身份的道具
Prajna (banshee) ghost mask, a prop used to intimidate an enemy and conceal one’s identity

Hook rope:
a copper claw used to climb high places or carry goods.

苦无 可作匕首用,也可作飞刀用,配备了两把。
can be used as a dagger, also can be a fly-cutter, equipped with two.

Hand sword:
Like darts, can be shot in ten yards, equipped with three.

锁镰:くさりがま kusarigama
Kusarigama: くさりがま
It is one of the unique special weapons of ancient Japanese Wushu, with both long and short functions and attack range, can be both soft and hard weapon.

Bow and arrow suit:
a long-range weapons with blade. A bow, three arrow, a quiver. Different from Japanese iconic longbow, ninja needs special Ninja short bow when in the jungle for easy carrying, to shot the enemy, shot the hook for climbing, or fire arrows and so on.

*(add) The dragon head handle has an ordinary traditional style replacement.

Ninja clothes:
inner siamese mesh clothing, jacket, trousers, corset, arm guard, leg guard, scarf, foot bag (shoes) is the whole set of nocturnal suit worn by ninjas when they perform tasks.

兴福寺山门外的石灯&石阶&地藏菩萨深秋时节场景 (附有干花植物包,可以参考图上自行安排位置) 石灯可亮灯,石灯及石像可以移开,(地台单独发售)适合搭配任何日本风格人形。
Scene platform:
Stone Lamp &stone steps &Ksitigarbha scene outside of the Xingfu Temple mountain gate in late autumn(With a dried flower bag, you can refer to the map to arrange their places ) Stone lights can be turned on, stone lights and stone statues can be removed, (the platform sell separately) suitable for any Japanese style humanoid.

关于铠儿模玩 (Care TOYS):
2016年成立的品牌 致力于制作古代各国铠甲类1:6收藏级可动关节人偶模型,我们关爱玩具 目标是制作有价值的玩具。铠儿承诺 永不复刻!
About Care TOYS:
The brand established in 2016, is dedicated to manufacture the 1:6 collection type movable joint galatheidea doll model in the ancient world. We care for toys and aim to produce valuable toys. Care TOYS promised never remastering!

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Care TOYS 1/6 Kunoichi Asuka (女忍 あすか) Action  Figure ...