DAMTOYS : Epic Series Warcraft movie – Grom Hellscream 30-inch Premium StatueD…


DAMTOYS : Epic Series Warcraft movie – Grom Hellscream 30-inch Premium Statue

DAMTOYS proud announce the Premium Statue of Grom Hellscream – portrayed by Terry Notary; the valiant character, the legendary Tribe warrior, one of the seven heroes! Hellscream is the 3rd release of Legendary Pictures Warcraft movie – a highly anticipated adaptation of the classic video game from Blizzard Entertainment!

DAMTOYS officially introduced this series of exquisite Premium Statues – the Epic Series since last year. From the best Engineering & Development team of DAMTOYS, this new series is launched to create statues of the highest grade!

While Grom Hellscream did not appeared many times in the Warcraft movie, but he always been a legendary character to game players. DAMTOYS recreated the epic scene of the final battle, standing at the Dark Portal in peril. As the Stormwind City soldiers’ armours shattered on the ground, the banner of the Orc Tribe raised, declaring yet another victory for this legendary warrior.

Based on movie’s settings and props, with the best team and top production techniques of DAMTOYS have produced an exquisite Grom Hellscream statue that stands 76cm. Each detail has been accurately captured – be it weapons, armour, action, expression, or even the blood vessels and tattoos on the skin! The costume, made with a mix of fur and leather, has texture and colour that are faithful to the film. The banner, with its Tribe logo and meticulous antique finishing, manifests the Orc culture. With complex hair implantation process used on the head sculpt and realistic skin texture engraved on its torso, the statue looks and feels just like in the movie!

DAMTOYS Epic Series Grom Hellscream Premium Statue will bring you an all-new experience of stunning visual!Don’t miss this!

Product details
Product no.DMLW03
Product type: Epic Series Premium Statue
Statue dimension: 29.9” H760mm(Overall height)x 22.8” W 580mm(Overall width)x 14.4” D 365mm (Overall Depth)
Packaging dimension: TBC
Net weight: 15.4kg (34pounds)
Expected to Ship:
Retail price:
Barcode: 6970569621685

Product Material
1. Costume: Fabric, cowhide, fur
2. Head sculpt, Body, Accessories: Polystone & PVC
3. Platform: Polystone


DAMTOYS: 史诗系列 电影《魔兽》-地狱咆哮Grom Hellscream 30寸精致雕像

DAMTOYS正式推出第三款由美国传奇影业出品、万众瞩目的暴雪经典游戏改编电影《魔兽》(WARCRAFT)中的强悍角色,部落的传奇战士、七雄之一——地狱咆哮(Grom Hellscream)精致雕像!

DAMTOYS从去年正式开启收藏级精致雕像系列-EPIC SERIES史诗系列!这是由DAMTOYS最顶尖的研发团队为制作最高级别雕像而创立的新系列!




产品编号:NO. DMLW03
雕像尺寸:29.9”高760mm(总高度)x 22.8”宽580mm(总宽度)x 14.4”深365mm
包装尺寸: 待定
条形码: 6970569621685


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