Do you remember our “PAINTING GUIDES”??Today we’re back with it, to bring you …

#AKInteractive #OSW

Do you remember our “🎁PAINTING GUIDES🎁”??

Today we’re back with it, to bring you all a #new #guide about how to paint a SS SERGEANT, and also you’ll find all the necessary
#akinteractive products to boast figure 🎨!

Download it now, and enjoy it.
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|| Tricks ||

1) Use in this case, the technique of pecking when applying lights,
to create a wear effect which you can boost with small scratches,
to give greater realism to this part of the figure.

2) When using the set of flesh in groups of figures, either in vignettes
or dioramas, slightly vary the base color, to create different
skin tones.

3) This type of uniforms, having most of the uniform in Fieldgrey
colors, uses the set AK3140 GERMAN FIELD GRAY UNIFORMS,
as it contains different colors to combine and break the monotony
of colors, it is also a simple, fast and economic way of painting.

4) A very simple trick that looks really good on the cartridge holsters.
It is to finish the painting process, imitating cuts and scuffs in
the edges of the cartridges. For that uses a light color, ocher, light
brown, etc., directly from the jar and apply small strokes and dots
on the edges and areas of maximum wear.

7) A simple and fast method, as well as realistic, is to paint the
guns in black and rub on the metal parts, metallic pigment using a
small cotton cane.

8) When you paint, gallons or insignias that are made of silver
thread, once finished the painting process, applies a glaze
composed by Silver & Metal Midtones AK3036 + Glaze Medium
AK3085, to highlight the metallic finish of these parts.

|| 👀Recommended products👀 ||

· Flesh and Skin Colors AK3010 –
· Black Rubber AK3007 –
· Field Grey Shadows AK3144 –
· Glaze Medium AK3085 –
· Russian Uniform Base AK3122 –
· Dark Steel Pigment AK086 – Do you remember our