Remember this contest…!Tomorrow, Saturday will finish at ⌚ 10 a.m. (gmt+2)….

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Remember this 🎁 contest…!

Tomorrow, Saturday will finish at ⌚ 10 a.m. (gmt+2).
In addition, we’ll draw two packs, which will be made by one 🎨 #browncolorset & one 📑 #fleshandskin.


Because, we think you are the better #fans that we’ve seen never.

#thanks 💜

🔔 Hey people…..! 🔔

We’ve to tell you a 🔝-secret..
Since next week, will be available our latest 📕 #Learningseries book in 🇪🇸 #English & 🇬🇧 #Spanish language, about…

🎨 FLESH & SKIN – “Techniques to paint all types of flesh in miniatures”

This summer, you can be able to paint a perfect flesh/skin! …and stay tuned, because you could be the 🏆 of this book.
Only you must push 👍 #likeandfollow to our AK-Interactive #facebookpage, and SHARE this post!

Never nobody had got any new release totally for free, do you want to be the first one? 🙂

**Note** ————————————————
This contest starts from now -the post date and hour-, and it will ends at the date which will releases this book like available for purchase.