We bring you the #last part about this -series which treats, how to and #wea…

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osw.zone We bring you the  #last part about this -series which treats, how to   and  #wea...
We bring you the #last part about this 馃摵-series which treats, how to 馃帹 and #weathered a “ammunition wooden box” which you could use it on your dioramas for give it more realism yet!

Remember that you can see this videos at #spanish & #english language
in our #youtube profile clicking here:
馃嚜馃嚫馃摵 – https://youtu.be/_48MPiBXR4U
馃嚞馃嚙馃摵 – https://youtu.be/6V0kU6p1IpY

…and of course, this howto 馃摑 guide you will able to use it for weathering another materials for your vignettes.
We only give you some ideas 馃槈

鉁旓笍 Following, we facilitate you the #ak products, which he has used for give it the effects:
路 Acrylic thinner – MC601 – http://bit.ly/2vHLscV
路 White primer – AK177 – http://bit.ly/2vHLscV
路 Drying retarder – AK737 – http://bit.ly/2xA093b
路 Survival kit brushes – AK663 – http://bit.ly/2wL0zFq
路 Old & Weathered wood vol.1 – AK562 – http://bit.ly/2gOtmmZ
路 Old & Weathered wood vol.2 – AK563 – http://bit.ly/2j92Vtb
路 Flat black – AK735 – http://bit.ly/2gldvZ8
路 Glossy varnish – AK192 – http://bit.ly/2elqMk5
路 Wash for wood – AK263 – http://bit.ly/2wMGEEr
路 White spirit – AK047 – http://bit.ly/2elhWCN
路 Red brown filter – AK262 – http://bit.ly/2eXGdiF
路 Slime grime light – AK027 – http://bit.ly/2x2rT0F
路 Rust effect colors – AK551 – http://bit.ly/2f7OWCA
路 Light rust wash – AK046 – http://bit.ly/2wq4K7Q
路 RAL 8012 rotbraun – AK717 – http://bit.ly/2fk3tI7