This is Orahd Hawk from Nebulo Seven. She is ex-Gencore and is one of the charac…

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This is Orahd Hawk from Nebulo Seven. She is ex-Gencore and is one of the characters that you will be able to read about tomorrow on

This is the Prologue.

It had been a Golden Age for humanity. Hydro-Cell technology had been harnessed to produce cheap and plentiful energy releasing the dependency upon fossil fuels. The Combined Nations had reached out into deep space discovering super-elements that furthered science exponentially. Age became a thing of the past for those that could afford it and those that couldn’t were guaranteed a quality of life far beyond their ancestors. AI was perfected and freed the masses from the tedium of work. A new technological utopia emerged ushered in by the Tech Corporations.
But the technological advances that had freed people from age, disease, and labour were pitifully short lived and by the final decades of the 22nd Century Earth was barely recognizable. It was a World plagued by the rape of its natural resources that resulted in catastrophic climate change. The Independent Nations closed their doors, mistrustful of their neighbours, doubting former alliances and imposed martial law against the rioting masses that protested against the rising totalitarianism that restricted their former freedoms. Nations threatened nations until nuclear war became imminent.
Seeing a threat to their very existence, as well as an opportunity for profit, the Corporation Alliance offered help to those who could pay, those willing to supply the resources that the Corporations needed for their secret plans. In return they used their technology to disrupt the military capabilities of foreign powers and supplied the ground troops that would suppress the home populations by any means necessary. They created armies never seen before on Earth, the Gencore and the Hanroku. Genetically and physically enhanced soldiers lacking in compassion and completely loyal to their creators. The governments of Earth found themselves powerless in the presence of the tsunami of violence that they had so unwisely invoked and the utopia that humanity had striven for over millennia became a world dominated by the Corporations driven by profit, influence, and power.
The 13 Project had begun. This is Orahd Hawk from Nebulo Seven. She is ex-Gencore and is one of the charac...