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DAMTOYS 1/6 MindGame – The Gobi Squad – Black Eight – Frank Chambers (ZP001)

Synopsis of the MIND GAME

Human body modification prevails in 2050, and the global economic depression gives birth to a virtual reality game-the Mind Game. Since the game scene is too real and a player can win real money in the game, lots of people all over the world indulge in it in order to escape from the reality. The economy continues to fall, and the world collapses in the virtual economic bubbles. However, with a high degree of risk in this game, lots of players have been struck down in the over-real game scene. The physiological stimulation causes brain death or severe paralysis in many players in reality; hence, the boycott of Mind Game rises in different places. While the game servers are scattered, the cleaning operation (RWIB) does not have great effect.
Therefore, a civil organization-the GOBI team-is born. They are responsible for clearing up servers, cruel, but there is no other way. Of course, they also save some players who are forced into retention in the game. Most of the time they play the unlovable roles in the intricate relationship between the game organization and the labor union.
Black-8, whose real name is Frank Chambers, is the temporary captain of the GOBI team and a retired professional boxer. He has is complex feeling for the Mind Game because his brother has been lost in it for more than 2 years. Everyday his mother cries over the body of his brother, but there is no way to take him back from the virtual world. Chambers wants to find his long-gone brother in the Mind Game and bring him back to their mother at the same time he forces the game to stop.
Led by Chambers, the team comes to the YD wilderness, where players live underground in order to survive under the hot sun created by the senior players. It is simple while very difficult to search in the endless desert, but Frank Chambers has always been optimistic. He often mutters:” give me a pair of diesel engine-driven power fist, and I can break more cheekbones.”

DAMTOYS 1/6 MindGame – The Gobi Squad – Black Eight – Frank Chambers (ZP001)

1.Real like headsculpture
2.Action body
3.White T-shirt
4.Tactical vest
5.Jacket with leather fringes
6.Waist bag x 2
7.Brown pants
8.Outdoor shoes
9.Boxing palm x4
10.Diesel engine-driven power fist x2
11.Diesel engine-driven helmet
12.Engine crank
13.Cooling can x 3
14.Protecting iron plate
15.Key chain
17.Diorama figure base

DAMTOYS 1/6 MindGame系列 -戈壁小队-黑8-弗兰克•钱伯斯 (ZP001)


2050年人类身体改造盛行,全球经济大萧条之后诞生了一个虚拟现实游戏 Mind Game,因为游戏环境过于真实并且可以从中赢得真实的货币,这导致全世界各地的很多人们为了逃避现实而陷入其中无法自拔,经济持续下滑,全世界崩溃在虚拟的经济泡沫中。
一方面这个游戏带有高度的危险性,很多玩家在过于真实的游戏环境中被击杀,这种生理刺激导致很多现实玩家躯体的脑死亡或者严重瘫痪。所以各地兴起了抵制Mind Game的行动。但是由于游戏的服务器过于分散,导致清扫行动(RWIB)并没有起到很大的效果。
Black-8 真名弗兰克•钱伯斯(Frank Chambers),是戈壁小队(The Gobi Squad)的暂时队长,一名退役职业拳手,对于Mind Game他的感情很复杂,因为他的弟弟已经在Mind Game中迷失超过2年,每日母亲都在面对着弟弟的躯体哭泣,却又没有任何办法把他从虚拟世界带回。所以钱伯斯在强行停止这个游戏的同时,也希望能够在Mind Game中找到自己消失已久的弟弟,将他带回到母亲的身边。在钱伯斯的带领下,小队来到了YD荒野,这里的玩家为了能够在高级玩家制造的炙热太阳中存活,只能生存在地下,在一望无际的沙漠中搜索很简单但又很困难。但钱伯斯总是很乐观,常常在嘴边念叨着,给我一副柴油机驱动的动力拳套,我就能击碎更多的颧骨。


DAMTOYS 1/6 MindGame – The Gobi Squad – Black Eight – Frank Chambers (ZP001)
DAMTOYS 1/6 MindGame系列 -戈壁小队-黑8-弗兰克•钱伯斯 (ZP001)