SHCC is now closed, thanks for everyone who visited our booth and show us suppor…

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SHCC is now closed, thanks for everyone who visited our booth and show us supports online, this is our 2nd time to attend to SHCC, and this was amazing!

As you may already know, we have new Warcraft movie statues, not just 1 or 2, but 4 new painted prototypes and 3 new unpainted samples, they hold visitors‘ attention as they passing by.

For our Military figures, we also have some surprises! we displayed new figure from our Chinese military lines, with new gears up-to-date! Also new prototype of USMC force recon combat divers… and some surprises with AKM+GP25 & Kriss Vector.

We just started our newest products line – Paleontology World series statues, we have these fascinating Dilophosaurus & T-Rex Busts displayed, and upcoming Styracosaurus and Carnotaurus busts, also the imminent Saber-toothed cat statues.

Our apologies for Gangsters Kingdom fans, we don’t have any GK exclusive figure this time, and because we have both Benson and Vincent/Kerr twin to make the production sample in factory, and they are not yet back to the show, so we didn’t have them displayed, sorry to make you guys disappointed. However, because we still have the talented great fan, we should have something/someone really awesome to offer next.
And another apology for the winners for the art contest, we have all the rewards done and ready in the factory, our supervisor manger will make sure their departure short after the Chinese national holiday, sorry to keep every waiting so long.

All right, lets back to the SHCC, Here are the photo from the show, and lots of them, it may take a while for you to browse, so you may want to take a time and enjoy them.

Thank you.
See you soon.




對於《黑幫王國》的各位fans,我們非常抱歉本次沒有黑幫系列的限定品,而因為我們的紅桃2 Benson以及紅桃4 Vincent/Kerr 雙子送去工廠製作生產樣板沒能及時回來參加展會,所以本次我們沒有展示著2組人偶,抱歉讓各位想看到實物的fans失望了。