We are listening! We will not release repaint versions PG02B.Yes, 1. we are… 2015-04-17 11:32:28 PT

We are listening! We will not release repaint versions PG02B.

Yes, 1. we are listening! That’s why we only decided to redesign the new helmet and are giving it away free after we know that customers not satisfied with the final product. In my humble opinion, Its still a great figure! So, that’s why we released them. 2. We recieved a lot of inquiries that many people missed out on it , so we hope to re-release them to satisfy our loyal and new customers’ wants. 3. We never think the original version is not good. We painted it bronze because we supposed it should be bronze. And when we released pictures and so do final products, seems everything is Welcomed by customers except the helmet. 4. When we saw some repaints of talented customers, we started to consider if we can do more better changes if our customers would like the way of customised style. Why we not going to provide another option for different taste of different customers?! This was our only purpose of this repaint prototype showing to you all, hoping to give more happiness! Not cheating for re-purchase, or etc, etc. 5. You guys are the boss, we don’t wanna making you angry! (Just trying our best, not 100% satisfaction guranteed!) We decided not to release this customised style paint to the market ! 6. We will only accept pre-order for 500 pcs worldwide with the original paint version, certainly with new helmet only! ( guess no one want the old one) because we really want to sell more (as a business)and many customers are still waiting for one of their own! Hope they would like the original version! 7. We are listening, and balancing most benefits and interests of all parties are our jobs! So, if we could do, we might release a few limited pieces of repaint version as a gift to few loyal customers and few Hong Kong customers only. (Not confirmed yet, depends on feedbacks) I think its still a good thing. Both versions are still good figures! Finally, Hope most people would be happy with this arrangement! We trying our best!