We are very excited to announce that ZAODAO (早稻) – Crow Teeth (鴉牙) 1/6 Crow Teet…

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We are very excited to announce that ZAODAO (早稻) – Crow Teeth (鴉牙) 1/6 Crow Teeth collectible figure is available for pre-order at www.threezerohk.com starting from now for 200USD/1560HKD with Worldwide Shipping included in the price.

1/6 scale Crow Teeth collectible figure depicting the beautifully illustrated character, as presented in a series of paintings from ZAODAO’s “Song of Sylvan” (松風) Art Book. Crow Teeth stands approximately 11.5”(~29cm) tall; has over 18 Points of Articulation and includes Tailored Fabric Clothing; multiple Exchangeable Hands; a Short Sword; a Lantern with Light-up Feature and three Animal Companions: two Crows (each with different design) and a Frog.

You can find more about ZAODAO right here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zaodaoComic

ZAODAO (早稻) – Crow Teeth (鴉牙) 1/6 Crow Teeth Collectible Figure details:

Collectible figure stands approximately 11.5 inches (~29cm) tall;
Features over 18 Points of Articulation;
Highly-Detailed and stylized Paint Application to highlight the soft ink effects as seen in the original works of ZAODAO’s painting album “Song of Sylvan”;
Tailored Fabric Clothing;
4 Necklaces;
1 Pair of Earrings;
1 Plastic Belt;
2 Fabric Belts;
1 Beast-shaped Cloth;
1 Pair of Shoes;
1 Duandao with Scabbard;
1 Light-up Lantern;
2 Crow Companions (1 Sitting, 1 Standing);
1 Frog Companion.

Exchangeable Hands:
One pair of Relaxed Hands;
One pair of Gripping Hands;
One pair of Fists.

2 x AG3 button Cell needed for the Lantern Light-up Feature and Not Included in the Package.

* Final product may vary from prototype images.

來自中國廣東開平的天才少女繪師早稻( https://www.facebook.com/zaodaoComic ) 與Threezero 合作推出首個來自畫集《松風》中角色“鴉牙”1/6可動人偶!現正於 www.threezerohk.com 接受預購,定價:1560HKD /200USD (全球包郵)。


早稻 1/6 “鴉牙” 可動人偶詳細內容:
1/6 鴉牙可動人偶:
* 全關節可動人偶身高約11.5英寸(約29厘米);
* 超過18個可動關節;
* 人偶設定以早稻松風及手稿完美還原,配以逼真的舊化上色;
* 度身定做的服裝
* 4條頸鏈
* 1對耳環
* 1條膠腰帶
* 2條布腰帶
* 1對鞋
* 1條獸頭形擋布
* 1個發光燈籠 [ 2 x AG3鈕扣電池;(不包括電池)]
* 2款大小做形的烏鴉
* 1隻青蛙

* 一對放鬆手型
* 一對拳頭手型
* 一對持物手型


1560HKD /200USD (全球包郵)

中国開平市の郊外在住の女性アーティスト「早稻(ツァオ・ダオ)」(フェイスブックページ: https://www.facebook.com/zaodaoComic)のデビュー作となる画集/コミック作品集『松風(ソング・オブ・シルヴァン)』より、その中で描かれているキャラクター「鴉牙(クロウティース)」が1/6スケールの可動フィギュアとして立体化! 現在threezero公式サイト www.threezerohk.com にて予約販売中です。価格は200USD(全世界対応の送料含む)。詳細仕様はこちらをご参照下さい: http://www.threezeroblogjp.com/blog/zaodao06

osw.zone We are very excited to announce that ZAODAO (早稻) - Crow Teeth (鴉牙) 1/6 Crow Teet...