FBI Hostage Rescue Team Training Version ExclusiveCLICK HERE:Breakdown List…

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FBI Hostage Rescue Team Training Version Exclusive


Breakdown List
Real-like Head Sculpt
ES-Buddy 1.0 Body
Combat Coverall Suit
Detachable Kneepads
0612A Rigger’s Belt
Adaptive Vest System
Triple M4 Magazine Pouch
Single Pistol Mag Pouch
6142A 27 oz Insulated Hydration Pouch
Tactical Radio Pouch
Contact Med Pouch
Small IFAK Pouch
M60 SAW Ammo Pouch
Roll-up Dump Pouch
AR-15 Assault Rifle with Simunition Kit
EXPS3-0 Holographic Sight
LA5-PEQ Indicator
M3X Tactical Light
Dual Remote
BUIS Sight
L5 Simunition 30rd Magazines
G-17 Training Pistol
XST RTI Holster Belt Adaptor
Pistol Magazines
Air Frame Helmet
NVG Shroud
NVG Dual Power Aviation Mount
GPNVG-18 AVS Version
GPNVG-18 Battery Pack
Hero HD Camera
Helmet Light
Zephyr Mid TF
Overlord Short Gloves
Dominator Tactical Headset&PTT
PRC-152 Radio
Si Ballistic M Flame Goggle with Helo Kit
Foretrex 401 GPS
V-lite Manta Strobe
SF Personal Retention Lanyard w/ Quick Disconnect
Plastic handcuff
MK13mod0 Flash Bang
Combat Application Tourniquet
Light Sticks

osw.zone FBI Hostage Rescue Team Training Version ExclusiveCLICK HERE:Breakdown List...