On the issue of Sophia’s head, OE formally put forward our solutions.Dear ever… 2014-11-29 03:46:05 OE

On the issue of Sophia’s head, OE formally put forward our solutions.

Dear everyone

We had some intense discussions on issues that Sophia’s head being different from official publicity photos and we are terribly sorry for letting you down.
As a gesture of our regret and sincerity, we promise to do the following things.

1. Investigate and reorganize supervisory mechanism of every process details from product sample to shipment. We won’t let down the expectations of originators and players any more. (Yes, we should have done this earlier.)
2. We will re-make Sophia’s head (not including the hair) and it would be handed over at no charge to players who already bought Sophia.
3. The further information on the re-make will be updated in this post. We welcome you to pay attention to this post to check if the new head meet the standards.

How to get the head_
We will distribute the head to every merchants in exactly the number or amount. Please contact shops where you bought the product after 5 working days. (We will give advance notice to the shops in the 5 working days.)
The new head will finish distribution by February, 2015.

Finally, we hereby extend our appreciation to all our customers’ trust and support (Even though we already lose it, we will still take it seriously). We are also grateful for the cooperation and understanding of all our sellers.(We will do our best to ensure that this won’t happen again with might and main. We must apologize for the inconvenience.)