1000toys 2015-12-22 03:01:22 1KT

Regarding the sales of the standard 1/6 Toa Heavy Industries Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Unit ‘Kokto’, we will make it available until the morning of Decemeber 23rd (JST), before closing the pre-order.

Orders can be placed through the 1000toys online shop.

osw.zone 1000toys 2015-12-22 03:01:22 1KT
1000toys is an art toy company surfaced in 2012 with its sole purpose to produce Japan-made 1/6 scale art toys. Our first toy line, “TOA Heavy Industries” was brought to fruition in 2014, within 2 years from its planning stage. As long as there’s love for toys, 1000 toys will continue to move forwar…