1/6 Toa Heavy Industries Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Unit “Kokto” Pre-Order Info… 2015-12-17 18:10:00 1KT

1/6 Toa Heavy Industries Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Unit “Kokto” Pre-Order Information (Updated: Specs added )

Toy Soul is starting to heat up, and so we’re finally ready to announce the details of our third and final online Pre-Order for 2015.

So without further ado, let’s get to the details.

Pre-Order for the 1/6 Toa Heavy Industries “Kokto” of the Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Units will start December 22nd 11am (JST)!!

*Check below for the corresponding time in your area.

New York : December 21st, 9pm
Los Angeles : December 21st, 6pm

London : December 22nd, 2am
Berlin : December 22nd, 3am

Hong Kong : December 22nd, 10am
Singapore : December 22nd, 10am
Sydney : December 22nd, 13pm

The sales will be held at the following online shop.

The price will be 220 USD(Shipping included), and is scheduled to ship in late April, 2016.
One big change from the recent pre-orders is that we have worked with the factory to increase quantity for this item, and that has allowed us to increase the limit of pieces to TWO PIECES for every customer.

Unit Specs
Unit Name: Kokto (黒疾)
Series: Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Unit
Description: The Asian male type of the humanoid Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Units developed by TOA Heavy Industries, based on their standard Synthetic Human bodies.

Covered in genetic tissue, this humanoid type possesses regenerative powers and was developed to be capable of operating among civilians with lower risk of detection.

Armed with an Electrically Reinforced Battle Mace and a prototype Portable Ballistic Acceleration Device to enable combat capability at any range.

Dispatched by Toa Heavy Industries to track down and eliminate any CaRB units that survived the battle with Anti-CaRB units and escaped to urban areas.


■1/6 東亜重工製行試体 黒疾(コクト)


*Very Important Please Read
For people who are new to us and have never ordered from our shop, you will be required to create an account on our website before you place an order.

Unfortunately, our current system will not allow you to create an account until the Pre-Order starts at December 22nd 11am (JST). Therefore do not feel alarmed about the fact you are not able to create an account until then, and please note that it is not an error of any sort.

We receive many questions about this, so we would like to address it here and ask for your understanding regarding this matter.

Please note very small quantities of this item may be sold at selected shops after the item is released.

For those in the area, this item will be displayed at the Sentinel Booth at Toy Soul being held in Hong Kong from December 18th to the 20th, so come on over to our booth and check it out.

We’ll be posting more about this as it gets closer to the PO, but we look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!


*Sales Summary
-1/6 Toa Heavy Industries Genetic Camo Activity (GCA) Unit “Kokto”
-Sales price : 220USD(Shipping cost included)
-Limit 2pcs per order
-Worldwide shipping available
-Sales start from 11am, December 22nd(Japan Time)
(*While supplies last)
-Online shop : http://1000toys.jp/
(*User registration available only at the time of purchase)
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