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Is everyone ready for ToyCon UK 2017?
We’re super-hyped to be attending this great event for our second year in a row, and we hope everyone planning to attend feels as hyped as we are!

And, for the news everyone has been waiting for!!
Here is our lineup of “TOA Heavy Industries” items for sale at ToyCon UK!

※Note: Stock will be limited for all items and as we expect some to sell out quickly, we advise our fans to head to our booth first when doors open.

1) Toa Heavy Industries 1/6 Synthetic Human
Unit Price: £120
2) Toa Heavy Industries 1/12 Synthetic Human
Unit Price: £50
3) 1/6 TOA Heavy Industries “Snake Eyes”
Unit Price: £195
4) 1/6 Genetic Camo Activity Unit Kokto(Damaged Ver.)
Unit Price £180

We will be selling some of the last remaining stock for the Kokto, so for those who missed the original release, this will be one of your final chances to get one.

The details regarding our MechatroWeGo products which will be sold at ToyCon UK will be updated tomorrow, so don’t forget to check us out tomorrow at the same time again.

For more details on ToyCon UK 2017 and how to attend, please visit:

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