POWERCORE Collector Quest

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Only 24 hours to ToyCon now!
We have arrived in London and are raring to go!

This is a final heads-up for our booth :
The 1000toys/POWERCORE booth will be around booth 8 and 21, near the stage area. It’s a fairly large booth, so it will be hard to miss us.
*A floor map has been attached to this post as reference.

Not only just TOA Heavy Industries and MechatroWeGo items on sale at our booth, but we will also have many new and exciting stuff on display at ToyCon UK.

Of course, first and foremost, the first MechatroWeGo Custom Show held in the UK will feature the 1/12 MechatroWeGo customized by a selected group of international artists, which will showcase the wonderful world of MechatroWeGo to our fans in the UK !

If you’re inspired to do your own custom, the 12 MechatroWeGo “DIY”, which is the platform model used for these awesome customs, will be available for purchase at our booth.

Regarding other products, TOA Heavy Industries and IZMOJUKI will both have a presence at our booth showing off the best and brightest products with many being showcased for the first time in Europe.

And for those planning to attend, don’t forget to join our partner POWERCORE’s Collector Quest to “catch” characters on your smartphone from participating artists and win prizes!

How to join? Check the link below to learn more!


Alright then, we’ll see everyone tomorrow!!
Team 1000toys

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POWERCORE Collector Quest