ABOUT THE MECHANICAL ARM…21XX年,為了爭奪地球上日益稀少的資源,發生了第三次世界大戰。歷經了四年戰火,在沒有任何贏家的情況下… 2015-02-09 20:36:17


TMA(THE MECHANICAL ARM),本名叫做RED,國籍不明,沒有人知道他的過去。只知道TMA之前參加過第三次世界大戰,目前是格鬥運動賽事WMMA(World Mixed Martial Arts)的優秀選手,為了參加比賽,左手接受了機械義體的改造,精通日本古武術。


In order to compete for scarce resources on earth, World War 3 takes place in 2112. After 4 years of war, there is still no winning party,
so out of exhaustion the warring countries decided to sign a peace treaty. The Mechanical Arm (TMA) was born in this particular era but no one seems to know its background. Even its national origin can hardly be traced. The only thing we know is it is named RED and was used by the army during the war.

Currently, the man with the mechanical arm is a WMMA(world Mixed martial arts) athlete and specializes in ancient Japanese martial art. To enhance his proficiency his left arm was transformed into a mechanical arm. TMA adores the old time band Beatles, so he always puts on headphone to enjoy his favorite rock and roll music. Besides his personal career, he wants to be a music composer. He is a fan of one 21st century Japanese actress and often has her name printed on his outfit.

osw.zone ABOUT THE MECHANICAL ARM...21XX年,為了爭奪地球上日益稀少的資源,發生了第三次世界大戰。歷經了四年戰火,在沒有任何贏家的情況下... 2015-02-09 20:36:17