ACI TOYS X Suwahara Hiroyuki Daimyo Series: 1/6 scale Takeda Shingen 12-inch action figure

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By ACI Toys:
After the success of Oda Nobunaga, the first Daimyo in the ACI TOYS x Suwahara Hiroyuki series, we are proud to present the second daimyo in our Line Up ~ Takeda Shingen.

Shingen is one of the most influential daimyos during the Sengoku period, alongside his rivals "The Dragon of Echigo" Uesugi Kenshin and "Lion of Sagami" Hōjō Ujiyasu
Based on the illustrations by Japanese illustrators Suwahara Hiroyuki, ACI TOYS captured the essence and created the head sculpture of Shingen as a strategic mastermind of the era.

The Hiroyuki illustrations and the historical references, the iconic features of Shingen, such as the white fur on his high-detailed helmet, the golden Buddhists, prayer beads and "kāṣāya" robes, symbolizing his devotion to religion, are restored to the scale of 1/6, with the combination of black-gold armor and crimson red "Jin-baori" gives a further look at this Historical figure like no other

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Click on it for bigger and better view. The Shigens armor is a Dō-Maru with large armor pieces on the shoulders "Sodes" that evolves. This is the most important thing to do with Shigen's armor. It is a dō-Maru with large armor pieces on the shoulders "Sodes" that evolves.


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