April 2017 Haul: S.I.C. Masked Rider X and Appologeist plus S.H. Figuarts Bruce Lee Figures

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What happens when the characters you have pre-ordered have not arrived and you have to satisfy the toy error that itches in you? I ended up getting stuff I did not pre-order but bought on impulse because I liked what I saw and that's my April 2017 so far until the arrival of Black Panther: The S.I.C. Or Super Imaginative Chogokin Masked Rider X and Appologeist plus the SH Figuarts Bruce Lee (Yellow Track Suit Version)

I can use the method of the Pre-order for these impulse purchases, but I'm not sorry that I've bought them so no complaints here. Because 1/6 scale manufacturers believe that pre-orders are the best way for selling collectors' items, as we end up waiting months (sometimes up to a year) to pay the numbers we want to pay For the first time as prototypes In the pictures, which are released by the companies, to request our pre-orders. Some of these prototypes could not even see the light of the day when the answer to the preview images are lukewarm or worse. Case in point: Hot Toys 1 / 6. Scale Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones (played by Frank Grillo in Captain America: Civil War) 12 inch figure. Since the preview images at many of the toy shows, it does not have to present for pre-orders or any of the Hot Toys catalogs. Toys, as opposed to limited edition adult collectibles, are mass production and sold in large stores worldwide. There is no need to pre-order because the chances are you can probably get your hands on it easily. Some adult collectors and figures, which are highly demanded after their release, may not be readily available because the supply was dependent on pre-orders, which could mean a limited supply. This is when the secondary market becomes exciting, as the prices for them continue to rise and are heating up as their demand.

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I grew up on comic books, both from the East as well as from the West, so that I was greatly influenced by both cultures. The West have their Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk etc and the East have their Astro Boy, Gatchman, Space Battleship Yamato and Tokkusatsu (Japanese live action movie or TV drama which is substantial use Of Special offers effects) super-hero TV series like Kamen Riders and Ultraman. This probably explains why I am collecting action figures from both sides of the globe. They were a big part of my childhood. There were not many toys available and I enjoyed drawing them in my younger days. But it's definitely much better than 2D!

Super-Imaginative Chogokin (aka SIC) is one of Bandai's popular lineup of die-The metallic figures (Chogokin) are based on the Kamenrider franchise and other characters created by Shotaro Ishinomori and his production company. The 1/10 scale (typical height is 7 "/ 18 cm) are usually modified and differ from their counterpart as seen in the series. It is intended for the riders who are the ones shown in the manga (SIC) Kamenrider X & ApolloGeist, who was mistaken in the May 2008 for the first time, and he is the only one who has the right to do the same thing and have a lot to be proud of […]

This super imaginative Chogokin (SIC) (19459007)
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