As one of the 12 holy generals under the banner of Genesis, since General Mao is so powerful that they can not control themselves. Studio Sundowner Advent of the Wonderful League # 3 1 / 6. Scale Mahoraga female figure preview

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Could, Genesis decide to split them in half to balance their power and thus create Makora and Mahoraga. The weapon of the Pangu ax, owned by General Mao, was also divided into Yaksha Blade and God Killerhammer.

The relationship between Makora and Mahoraga is like Yin and Yang, both of which are in opposition and interdependent. Mahoraga has a dull and calm personality, while her loyalty to friends is hidden under her inaccessible appearance, resembling the moon. Although the different personality between Makora and Mahoraga has caused many disagreements and disputes among them when they strike together, the Jaksha Blade and the God Killer Hammer each possesses can be summed up into the Pangu Ax and thus their apocalyptic Destruction demonstration

Studio Sundowner Advent of the wonderful League # 3 1 / 6. scale Mahoraga female figure will come with: head sculpt, female Body, Shirts x2, Trousers, Coat, Hand Type x4, Mechanical Arm x2, Mechanical Leg x2, Yaksha Blade x2, Mask x2, Stand

I can not help feeling that these girls are in the same universe Are like the characters in GOTT KOMPLEX (19459008) HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE Rest of the pictures.
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