BBK 1 / 6. scale drive 12-inch action figure aka Ryan Gosling as unnamed driver in the drive film

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Drive is a 2011 American Neo-Noir crime film directed by Nicolas Winding Ref. The film is about an unnamed Hollywood stunt rider (Ryan Gosling), who flees as an escape driver. After being attracted by a female neighbor (Carey Mulligan), whose husband (Oscar Isaac) owes the local gangster money, he is drawn deeper into a dangerous underworld.

The unnamed driver works as a mechanic, a film double and stunt driver, and a criminal-for-rent getaway car driver. He is managed in all jobs by car shop owner Shannon, persuaded the Jewish mobsters Bernie Rose and Nino to buy a car for the driver to the race. The driver meets his new neighbor Irene and is close to her and her young son Benicio. Irenes husband, Standard Gabriel, is imprisoned. After standard is released, Irene asks the driver to visit her. [12] Scale 12 inch action figure is made with head sculpt, 12 inch figure body. [12]

BBK BBK004 1 / , Gloved hands, tea, racing jacket, jeans jacket, jeans, belt, brown shoes, hammer, cap, sunglasses, mobile phone, clock.

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