Blackbox Toys 1 / 6. Scale Daniel Craig as 007 James Bond in Specter 12 inch figure Rating 1

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Specter is the 24th installment in the James Bond film series and the twenty-sixth overall. It is Daniel Craig's fourth performance as James Bond and Christoph Waltz as the first as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, with the film that marks the character of the character in the series. The story sees Bond against the global criminal organization SPECTER and against their leader; Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who is revealed to be Bonds Adoptive Brother when he tries to frustrate his plan to launch a global surveillance network and discovers that Specter and Blofeld were behind the events of the last three films. This is my second June 2017 haul after the DID 1 / 6th scale & # 39; 90s LAPD SWAT "Kenny" 12- Inch figure (posted earlier on My Toys Blog HERE ). There was a whole range of 1/6 scale Daniel Craig as 007 James Bond 12 inch figures released over the years – check out my action figure reviews posted HERE HERE HIER HERE – but I have not seen anyone in an ivory tuxedo worn by Daniel Craig in the James Bond filmpraxis of 2015. Plus Blackbox Toys 1 / 6. Scale Daniel Craig as James Bond's head sculpt is the best resemblance and closest to the actor so far.

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I like the design on the cover strip of the carton packaging. It's quite nice and there's no mistake about what movie (ghost) and who (Daniel Craig as 007 James Bond) it is supposed to be in the box.

The lower tray holds the 1 / 6th Scale accessory: Walter PPK gun, silencer, Omega Sea-Master watch, TF Snowdon FT237 sunglasses, AT harness (white), 3 extra shaped hands – 2 for his weapon and 1 for his cigarette, cigarette and extra wrist stick.

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