Brother production presents: 1 / 6. scale KENDO armor & clothing components for 12 "figurines

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Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art that descended from the sword art (kenjutsu) and bamboo harvester (Shinai) and protective armor Bōgu), Kendo is an activity that combines martial arts practices and values ​​with strenuous sport-related physical activities. The introduction of bamboo exercises (Shinai) and armor (Bōgu.)), Around Naganuma Shirōzaemon Kunisato during the Shotoku era (1711-1715 Naganuma developed the use of Bōgu and established a training method with the Shinai

The Shinai is to represent a Japanese sword (katana) and consists of four bamboo slats, which are held together by leather fittings The protective armor Is worn to protect certain target areas at the head, arms and body Tylized helm, called men (面), With a metal grating (金 金 men's gane) to protect the face, a series of hard leather and fabric flaps (垂 れ れ tsuki-dare) to protect the neck, and padded fabric flaps (垂 れ れMale dare) to protect the side of the neck and shoulders. The forearms, wrists and hands are protected by long, thickly padded cloth gloves called kote (手 手). The torso is protected by a breast plate (胴 dō) while the waist and groin is protected by the tare (れ れ) consisting of three thick vertical fabric flaps or faulds. The clothing worn under the Bōgu consists of a jacket (Kendogi or Keikogi) and Hakama, a garment that is separated in the middle to form two wide trouser legs.
Brother production presents: 1/6 scale KENDO – armor and clothing components.

Beginning in the third quarter of 2017, this 1: 6 scale accessory kit are available as two sets: Set A (Black Color 胴 Do) and Set B (Brown Color 胴 Do). Parts List: 面 Men (PVC Made), 胴 Do (PVC Made), 著 著 Keigoki, 手 手 Kote (PVC Made), れ れ Tara (PVC Made), 袴 Hakama, 竹刀 Shinai (PVC Made), 袋 袋Shinai bag. Body and head not included.

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