Bruce Wayne is a billionaire entrepreneur, Playboy and Philanthropist. Batman (Black Edition) Statue of Iron Studios

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After experiencing the murder of his parents as a child, he has traveled the world to understand the criminal spirit. Batman has trained in all types of combat techniques and martial arts, seeking physical and intellectual perfection. His uniform is based on something that frightened him as a child, bats. He wanted the evil to have the same fear, and so he began to fight crime. Unlike many other superheroes, Batman has no superhuman power that uses only intellect, investigative abilities, and technique in his war against crime. Sideshow and Iron Studios are proud to present the Batman (Black Edition) PrimeScale statue.

Produced with concept and art by Ivan Reis (DC Comics official artist) developed by Chiaroscuro Studios. Exclusively sold in the Sideshow and Iron Studios Concept Store, this Polystone statue is hand-painted and features two heads with interchangeable mouths, interchangeable hands, joker water spouts, and an LED flash bat signal base.


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The Battleman (Black Edition) 1: 3 PrimeScale Statue Features:
Concept of Ivan.

[19459019] Concept of Ivan Rice from Chiaroscuro Studios Four (2) heads, Two (2) interchangeable mouths, Three (3) interchangeable hands, One (1) bust for unused head, The Joker Waterpeace,

LED lightning signal