Check out TBLeague 1 / 6. Scale Hell on Earth (Death Dealer 2nd Version) 12 "Action Figure

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The land in the walls should not be visited by those who were good and lawful, and Everyone knew that when you went to the Death Dealer domain they would never give it back, and the Death Dealer rode on a large, black horse, and would go to anyone who visited the place with one blow of his ax So powerful that he had an army Of the living dead on his command

The Death Dealer stands enormous, draped with a chain link, a dark cape and a horned helmet, his eyes burning like fire and no one is of his [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] [Image:] The Holy Land of the Holy Trinity

This item is not in stock and must be reordered Contact Us | Ath Dealer Figurine Set: Set, Phicen 5th generation seamless male body with metal armature for 1: 6 figure, 5 pairs x interchangeable hands, shoulder strap, cape, breastplate with toothed accessories, black sleeveless garment, briefs, shoulder protection, thread accessories for attaching to one Arm, wristguards, middle armor Skull plate & belt, lower leg protector, chain shirt-like leg shirt attached with thigh guards, slaughter shoes with spurs, battle sword & scabbard, machete, shield, 4 color packing

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