Comparison images of ThreeA 2000AD Judge Dredd figure with art figures Karl Urban Dredd

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According to the report on the recently released 2000 AD x DreiA 1/6 Mega City One JUDGE DREDD 12-inch Collectible Figure on my Page HERE and HERE I thought that it would be nice to put the three judges Dredd next to the art figures Karl Urban Judge Dredd for comparison. While the ThreeA Judge Dredd is very faithful to the comic magazine character of the year 2000, the Art Figures, published on a scale of 1: 6, are based on the 2012 science fiction action film in which Karl Urban portrays Judge Dredd. The movie version Dredd was not as loud and imaginative as the comic magazine version, which has the big golden Eagle shoulder pad on one side and the same sized pad on the other, but she tried on the left with the helmet design and badge Side tight chest area, as well as elbow and knee pads as well as the Lawgiver.

I think Karl Urban has largely portrayed Judge Dredd with the scowl of the movie and the producers knew better than Dredd his helmet, since Dredd has never shown his face in the comic series. The other actor who used to play Dredd – Sylvester Stallone – removed his helmet in the 1995 Judge Dredd movie and it did not fare well with all Dredd fans. Medicom Toys released a 12-inch Sylvester Stallone in 1995 as a Judge Dredd figure. You can check out the Action Figure Review HERE .

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