Connoisseur 1/6 scale The six million dollar man Lee Majors as Steve Austin 13 "great action figure

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" Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technique. We have the ability to make the first bionic man in the world. Steve Austin will be the man. Better than he was before. Better … stronger … faster. "

I was quite excited when I first looked at the upcoming Supermad Toys 1/6 scale Six Million Bionic Man Collectible Figure (see the toy blog post HERE ), as it was essentially Lee Majors as Steve Austin from the 1970s TV series "The Six Million Dollar Man", which was a very popular show, which I observed as a child, but unfortunately the figure was a closer look

Seeing the preview pictures made me hark back to the 1970s connoisseurs Six million dollars man 13-inch big action figure That was a lot of fun and is still today 🙂 I've decided to take some photos of the And to post them on my blog here. I present you the original Bionic Man Actionfigur!

These 1970s connoisseurs 13 Inch tall The six million dollar man Lee M ajors as a Steve Austin action figure has some nice features: a bionic eye that you could see through, a bionic arm that would lift items (a motor block accessory was included) when a trigger was pushed on your back, and roll -back skin, which would show interchangeable bionic elements. The basic outfit worn by the figure is based on the training suit that Steve Austin carries during his test run in the original pilot film and then in the opening credits of the series.

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13-inch Steve Austin's bionic right arm was covered in a rubbery fake skin that was to be rolled to unmask the bionic modules. This material tended to break with repeated use and age and it is almost impossible to find a Steve Austin figure with its original skin still intact. And because the bionic arm gets more play time, the right sleeve also tends to be worn out by the constant rubbing of the material.

Because of the quite large trigger in the back of the figure, to enable the rearing of the bionic arm, all the shirts and jackets of the figure had to install the holes to allow it.