COOMODEL 1 / 6. Scale Empire Series Gothic Knight 12 "Figure + Panzerpferd

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In 1066 AD, the Normans (people who came from Normandy in Europe) conquered England and led feudalism In England a system of the treaty in which the society was divided into four classes: kings, barons (nobles) and bishops, knights (a title or rank) and finally peasants, merchants and craftsmen were just above the peasants, from 1066 to About 14th century, feudalism, which developed throughout Europe, there were no professional arms as we were today, and every man who was called was expected to follow his king in battle, and the king granted it Knights a country, a knighthood was either by birth in an aristocratic family or by bravery in combat

The knight was an important fighter and had to know two basic skills: How to fight and how to ride a horse. An armor armor consisted of heavy steel plates to cover the body, a heavy helmet and a shirt of mail (finely shortened metal rings very close together). The knight also wore gloves, leggings and shoes of mail or metal. [Classic9003]

COOMODEL SE013 1 / 6. Scale series of Empires (die-casting alloy) Gothic Knight (Exclusive Edition) 12 inch collector's item features : Head Sculpture, Body, Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable palm trees (A few naked fists and open palms and a pair of open palms and hands holding hands in silver armor)

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Costume: dark blue t-shirt, black trousers, black socks, upper chain armor,, silver in front.