Dam Toys 1 / 6. Scale FBI SWAT Team Agent San Diego Midnight Ops 12 inch figure preview

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It is most disturbing when law enforcement officers dress like the military and are armed to the teeth like them To go to war. The battles are no longer confined to the war zones, but are now being fought in their own backyard in their homeland. This is a very frightening thought because it means that you are no longer safe anyway. What with the recent UNITED Airlines Fiasco, it seems that the world in chaos descends and chaos is the new normality. There is a picture of this FBI SWAT officer flashing his badge in this post, and I thought this was totally superfluous to see how he is dressed and armed. He will not start his badge and ask the perpetrator to freeze. He looks like he'll shoot and ask questions later. [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [2] [3] [4] [4] [3] [3] [4] [3] [3] [3] [3] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [RealLikeHeadsculptBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltBeltStrobeMPLSLedHDCamerawithHelmetAN/PRC148RadioPeltorComtecIIHeadsetU94PTTG3CombatShirt(MulticamBlack)G3CombatPants(MulticamBlack)JPC(JumperPlateCarrier)(RangerGreen)Pmag30X4(sand)Pmag30window(sand)Pmag20(sand)Pmag30(sand)Pmag30(sand)Pmag30(sand)Pmag30(Sand)Pmag30(Sand)SFMuzzleBrakeSFWardenBlastDiffuser(Sand)M600FlashLightMProOffsetReview(Sand)MProOffsetFrontSight(Sand)LA5PEGLaseRTacticalS(DryBatt)TroyBatt(Black)TroyBattleAxBearings(Black)TroyModularTrxRailX3TroySquidGripX2(Sand)G17PistolG17MagX2+1PistolFlashLightLegDropHolsterM870ShotgunwithFlashlightHandProtectorM870ShotgunShellM870ShotgunM870ShotgunShotgunShotgunShellfangEOtech552CTRStock(Gray)CTRStockCheekRiser(Blk)AidPouch(Multicam)GPPouch(RangerGreen)556MagFastPouch(Gray)GunBagX2(RangerGreen)GPNVG-18Pouch(RangerGreen)HydrationBag(RangerGreen)FlashbangGrenadePouch(RangerGreen)RangerGreenLegDropGpBag(RangerGreen)TacticalPistolLanyard(Blk)SuuntoWatchIDPatchX8PenX2ScissorsPersonalRetentionLanyardFBIbadgeshieldMulticamharnessCarabinerX2Descender

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