February 2017 Haul: VTS New Epoch Cop (I am the law) & Batman Batarang 1: 1 Scale Prop Replica

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February was terribly quiet, as recorded in zero drifts, but March picks up again. Next to the IHNS Toys SO-00001 1/6 scale The Cave scene platform, which I have already checked on my toy blog HERE I also have the Quantum Mechanix QM x Caliber Metalworks Batman Batarang 1 : 1 Scale Prop Replica and VTS VM-013 New era Cop.

VTS VM-013 The new epoch Cop has its time Taken to come, as well as the VTS Toys 1 / 6th Scale Wasteland Ranger 12-inch figure, both presented in November 2015. There was such a long delay that many collectors thought the figure was canceled or canceled because no details were given for the absence of the characters from the stores. This is the problem with pre-orders. Manufacturers like Hot Toys publish pictures of their prototypes to purchase orders from interested buyers, and although a date can be given for the expected release of the figure, sometimes the release date is delayed and the buyers are left. Gone are the days of the impulse buy where you see what you like and buy right away. These days, if you do not pre-order the product in advance, you can remain high and dry when the product is released, especially if the demand way exceed the delivery. The manufacturers keep the prototype images free and continue to accept orders, but can not be uniform in the production and release of the characters on time, leading to a lot of frustrations on the part of collectors who are eager to get their hands on their figures. Was the wait worth it? Surely 🙂

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VTS shows no pictures of their new era Cop on the box packaging. I think it has a lot to do with this one unlicensed figure. I agree, as this means that this is much easier on the wallet. God forgive when everything has been licensed and all the money that is paid goes simply to the licensing company, which is usually a giant company that already does millions of everything they do. Let the humble people have their fun and stop us from depriving us of simple pleasures.

Epoch has the same meaning as era, age, period and the new epoch probably refers to the dystopian future city Mega-City One in North America, where The street judges shall be empowered to arrest, condemn, condemn and dissuade clashes. One of these judges is Judge Anderson. This figure is based on the actress Olivia Thirlby, the judge Cassandra Anderson portrayed in the 2012 science fiction action film "DREDD". Full review of this VTS VM-013 1/6 Scale New Epoch Cop figure will be published on this blog soon. The Dark Knight never leaves without his Batarang QM x Caliber Metalworks proudly presents the shiny, screen – like Batman Batarang 1: 1 Scale Replica Seen in the films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and Justice League (2017). Developed from the screen-used prop, QM Batarang has the commanding look and feel of a premium collector's item. Pour into a solid zinc alloy, this authentic replica sits on a magnetic stand that reflects its iconic shape.

osw.zone February 2017 Haul: VTS New Epoch Cop (I am the law) & Batman Batarang 1: 1 Scale Prop Replica osw.zone February 2017 Haul: VTS New Epoch Cop (I am the law) & Batman Batarang 1: 1 Scale Prop Replica

The Batarang measures 8.5 "(21.59 cm) B x 3.25" (8.25 cm) D. The Displaybase is 10.5 "(26.67 cm) (19459005)