Flagset 1 / 6th Scale Doomsday War Series End War Death Squad "K" Caesar 12-inch figure

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Man seems to have a tendency to destruction. There are many films that paint a dystopian future, a society of human misery, misery, oppression, disease and overcrowding. Zombies and the undead seem to have a place in such a future, and the rest of humanity must fight to survive against all odds. Because of such a bleak scenario, where hope seems hopeless and death is knocking on the door, it seems like you're arming your teeth to survive and beat the doomsday scenarios. Even companies in 1/6 scale jump on the bandwagon and produce 12-inch figures of this particular genre. Easy & Simple has a Z.E.R.T. (Zombie Eradication Response Team) 1: 6 scale Jameson Deathridge 12-inch figure in 2015 (see the action-figure review on my toy blog here and HERE ) as well as the 1/6 Season Zombie Survivor aka Brad Pitt in World War II – Pictures HERE and HERE .

Flagset publishes this 1/6. Season Doomsday War Series End War Death Squad "K" Caesar (# 73010) 12 inch action figure and he will come with head sculpt, 12 inch body figure, glove, pants, t-shirt, jacket, vest, Belt, Backpack, Leg Hanging Plate, Assault Vest, Shield, Scarf, Rifle Rope, M42, Map Pack, Medical Package, Grenade Pouch x2, Smoke Bomb Pack, Shoes, Hanging Bag, Mask, Ball x12, Thigh Plate, Holder, M1911 Pistol, Flash Shocker x4, Ax Set, Glow sticks, Ax, Knife, Clock, Climber buckle, Smoke bombs x2, Shotgun, Pistols, Drum magazine, M4 clip x2, Grenades, Sight, Flashlight, Laser sight, Handle, Patch A, Patch B, Patch C, Pistol Clip

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