GATE SPIELWAREN 1 / 6. Scale "League of the Demon Hunters" The sacred disciple with diorama

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Where there is light, there must be shadows

Good against evil, eternal dichotomy, Which hurt humanity ever since the beginning of time. In times when the forces of good and evil have lost their equilibrium, men and women with particular power appear to resist and drive demonic spirits; they are called "demon hunters".

For 10 years the city protected the "talented ability", Paul the Holy Disciple, studied the Demon Hunter's Journal, which was left by his mentor and confused by a mysterious symbol. One day, Paul accidentally discovered the mystery behind this symbol and recognized his true mission in life, beginning his amazing journey as a demon hunter, the other as he meets the world gate through the time gate, forming the League of Demon Hunters Before the demonic invasion. [1] The "League of Demons Hunters" Part I – Paul the Sacred Disciple includes the following: Living normal version of head-set (19459003]
Costume and accessories: Hat of the Holy Boy, vest and tunic, rider's trousers, luxurious coat of real leather, detailed sculpture boots , Tactical Leather Belt, 2 x Gadgets Waist Pack, Holy Cross Necklace, Hexagram Protection Charm, Time Travel Hourglass, Confederate Seal, Jade Skirt, Seals of the League of Demon Hunters, Demon Hunter's Journal

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Click on it for bigger and better views. "Thunderbird", "Thunderstorm", "Thunderstorm", "Thunderstorm", "Thunderstorm", "Thunderstorm" Hammer, 2 x " Comet "Stakes, 8 x Silver Balls," Cupid's Wrath "Sword," Holy Ray "Cross, Demon Hunter's Toolcase, 7 x Candles, 4 x Bottles Holy Water, Sheepskin Water Bottle, Tomb of Dracula "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Diorama" "("