GATE TOYS, the global designer collectors promotion platform, is attending the China International Comics Festival 2017 from September 30 to October 5, GATE TOYS presents 7 new prototypes of their co-creations with 5 different designers from China and Hong Kong, including Winson Ma @ Winson's Classic Creation, Calvin Lo @ Calvin's Custom, Ken Zheng @ 33 Industry and Ghost Handstudio. In its 7 displays, GATE TOYS also presents Chapter 2 of its original "League of Demon Hunters" design series, as well as its newly developed, highly flexible and fully articulated 1/2-scale figures. GATE GAME TOYS Original design series "League of Demon Hunters" Chapter Two: Maoshan Daoshi or New Generation Taoist Priest Zun Tin Ming, with his little brother Zun Tin Bao (soul insisted in a robot vampire body) original design and produced by GATE TOYS, pre-order begins in November 2017. For those of us who live in Asia and grew Asian films and were so influenced by them as Western films, which is really something that we can identify with and feel. The details are crazy and stunning, and the items are pretty strikingly authentic. Of course, there was no robot vampire, but it is certainly nice to have one. Can not wait to get out of it :) Please Notice: This is an automatically translated article! (Original version of this article) [1945900] ]

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