GATE TOYS X 33 Industry 1 / 6. Scale "Project Obsidian: ZERO" 12 inch figure with diorama

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In 2016, GATE TOYS worked with the Hong Kong designer Winson MA on TIME WAR: YUAN KONG, this year the Global Designer Collaboration Platform is working with "33 Industry", a PRC-based designer brand, on "Project Obsidian: ZERO", a 1/6 scale original design Futuristic military cyborg project, Which took 3 years.

Another universe, another Earth-like planet, after the third non-nuclear world war (NNWW), eight largest corporations – The eight elders took over all national states, all public services were either privatized or semi-privatized, police replaced The social welfare segment adopted by insurance companies, the legal system dominated by AI, and the privileged supervision of the Human Council.

Our main figure ZERO's body is 80% synthetic, its limbs were replaced by G5 Military Grade prosthesis limbs, its cerebrum 40% digitized, Cerebellum 70% digitized. Leader of Special Force "BADLAND" unit, ZERO was drawn into a company's inheritance conspiracy and was overtaken by the security team of 33 industry, leader of the Eight Elders, the whole unit was canceled NULL, because it was by the "GHOST" system
On his way of revenge for his murdered comrades, ZERO found out that it was about something , The "Project Obsidian" was called History …

"Project Obsidian: ZERO" 1 / 6. Scale Original design Futuristic military cyborg includes: Original design Cyborg head sculpt, Completely articulated figure body with a pair of mechanical Armor, 4 pair of cyborg hands, army uniform, mechanical legs

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Primary weapons: "SILENT CLAW" MGRE-87, ultra long range and armor piercing Electromagnetic precision rail gun GRE-23, medium range storm gun. High capacity and precision GATE TOYS X 33 Industry 1 / 6. Scale "Project Obsidian: ZERO" 12 inch figure with diorama GATE TOYS X 33 Industry 1 / 6. Scale "Project Obsidian: ZERO" 12 inch figure with diorama "Secondary weapons:" ROTES STINGEN "(HFK-76), high frequency blade with multi-layered armor destruction capacity
, A handheld gun with optical radar, the embedded chipset can be connected to the user's digitized brain, night vision, autocorrection and blind shot function activated "K4" a combat knife equipped with "ultra-heat" mode can trigger heavy heat damage when activated Use of the survival tool with its adjustable heat stage Stunt Grenade Automated Landmine Frag Grenade