GATE TOYS X Calvin & ndash; customer-specific 1 / 6th and 1/18-scale "MOTOTERMIN8TOR" kickstarter project

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Calvin Lo is a craftsman and exceptional customiser and kitbasher. If you do not know him yet, you will be very soon, because he is doing something that is totally crazy: his own kickstarter project – Calvin's customer-specific "MOTOTERMIN8TOR" in 1/6 and 1./18. I have the honor and privilege to join him recently and he has shared with me his upcoming projects and that is one of them. GATE GAMES X Calvins custom "MOTOTERMIN8TOR" was last released at CICF 2017 (China International Comics Festival), and it's released in this world!

Words can not describe how great the MOTOTERMIN8TOR is. So I just let the pictures do the talking.

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"Calvin's custom" MOTOTERMIN8TOR "was last seen at CICF 2017 (China International Comics Festival) and it is as real as it gets!