High Fly Studio HFS-003 18-inch High-Ultraman Power Charger Statue stands in signature Pose

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Ultraman is a Japanese token-TV series, which was first broadcast in 1966. Ultraman defends the Earth against foreigners and monsters (Kaiju in Japan), with Shin Hayata and the SSSP (Science Special Search Party) supported him. Shin Hayata's body houses Ultraman until it is needed. When Ultraman first appears, its "color timer" or "warning light" is always a rich cyan color. In the course of time the color timer becomes solid red and then starts to flash and gives a warning as it is. When Ultraman runs out of energy, the color timer goes off and turns black. Ultraman's color timer is directly linked to its heart and damaged it will cause severe pain at Ultraman. After Ultraman appeared, he would fight the threat until it was beaten, and he would then fly away to return to his host. [High Quality] [High Quality] [High Quality] [High Quality] [High Quality] [High Quality] [High Quality] [LastUpdated:61cmhigh(heighttohand)-LEDlightsupeffectintheeyesandchest-Abilitytocharge3smartphonesatthesametime-iPhone8-polecharging:I5orhigher-USBconnection-35mmDCsocket-WirelessCharging:S6orhigher-Wirelesscharging:Signal:5V/DCMaxVoltage:5V+/-025VMaximumcurrent:1A

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