Hot Toys MMS218 1966 Batman 1 / 6. Scale Adam West Batman Collector figure Rating

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R.I.P. Adam West (19459003)
Adam West (born William West Anderson, September 19, 1928 – June 9, 2017) was an American actor who was known for his role as Batman in the 1960s ABC Series Batman and his Kinofilm was. The popular Campy Show ran on ABC from 1966 to 1968; A detailed film version of Leslie H. Martinson was published in 1966.

Since I was a child and now as an adult, I still enjoy the classic Batman 1960s TV series. There was a 2D comic book hero coming alive in 3D action on the small and large screen in full color fame. Do not mind it was campy. It was live action BATMAN with a whole bunch of bow rogues. And it is a sad news that the actor who played Batman has passed away. As a tribute to the man, I decided to post these Hot Toys 1966 Batman Action Figure rating on my toy blog. I had this hot toy MMS218 1966 Batman 1/6 scale Batman 120-inch collector's figure way back in 2014 (check out.)

My June 2014 Haul post HERE ), after he had given it almost nine months before in 2013, when Hot Toys published the preview / prototype pictures (posted HERE ). There were never 12-inch figures from the dynamic duo in 1966, until Hot Toys did it. I'm really glad it's hot toys that got the license to produce and publish these 1966 Batman figures because they come from Hot Toys, you know quality is guaranteed and these will look GREAT! But I have never written pictures of this Batman figure from 1966, except in comparative photos with other Batman characters HERE and in my Toy Haven 3 Work-in-Progress HERE

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I liked the box design, because he returned to the era when the television series was broadcast, campy and fun:) The box packaging can Even turn into a diorama, to which the figure can be placed.

Look at the instructions below to show you how to turn the box packaging into a climbing diorama for Batman and Robin. [0049] Hot Toys MMS218 1966 Batman 1/6. Scale Batman (1) pair of relaxed palms, one (1) pair of dancing palms, one (1) pair of open palms, one (1) pair (1) right hand area for holding batarang, one (1) right hand area for receiving spray can, one (1) left hand area for holding bat radio; Three (3) interchangeable lower part of the faces that capture Adam's classic facial expressions; (19459003)

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In Batman's film, Batman was given a canister of Shark Repellant by Robin when a shark-laden shark came out of the water and locked onto Batman's leg as he hung on the Batcopter ladder. After being sprayed, the shark released the Bawman's slap and fell back to the water. Shortly after the surface hit, the bomb pulled in, and the shark was torn. Hot Toys 1 / 6. Scale Shark Repellant Spray has a removable cap and holds a hand to hold the canister.

Close-up image of bat radio with the big bomb in the background and hands held.

Should. There is the hilarious scene in which Batman has to dispose of a bomb with innocent people everywhere, and Batman, to mutter how to get rid of a bomb, can not be done on certain days. Hot Toys MMS218 1966 Batman 1 / 6. Scale Batman Collectible Figurine costume consists of: Batcowl with Adam Wests resemblance, Batsuit, dark purple. This item is in stock and can be delivered in the shop as soon as it is available again.

Cape, yellow utility belt with metal batman emblem, dark violet forearm gloves / gloves and dark purple boots