Hot Toys Terminator Genisys 1 / 6. Scale Endoskeleton 33 cm Collector Figure II

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This is the recently released Hot Toys MMS352 Terminator Genisys 1 / 6. Scale Endoskeleton 33 cm high Collector figure with LED-illuminated eyes (red light, battery operated, batteries included) and Endorifle. I like the Hot Toys the batteries (nowadays packaged separately) that you can use to see the glowing features. Other companies such as ThreeA / ThreeZero and PewPewGun do not include batteries, although their characters have easy features. It is a great stress if you already have the figure in your hand, but you still have to go and buy the right batteries to test the luminous elements, especially if you have already paid for the collector's figure. With all Hot Toys figures, batteries are separately included and packaged in these days, unlike in the past, when the figures came with already used batteries. We all know what happens with electronic components when the batteries are left too long. Check out my toy blog post "Hot Toy Collecting Tip # 1: Remove All Batteries!" I've been quite happy that Hot Toys with this 12th year, the first time I've ever seen a hot toy, Inch figure has not passed the die-cast route. You would probably have a lot of problems because of the thin parts like the piston and so on. The main problem would be the weight because the figure would be too high, and the gravity would not be nice. As it is, this fairly light plastic figure can not stand on its own feet. The body made of steel looks very realistic with the specially applied multi-layered metallic paints on the endoskeleton as well as additional weathering effects. The superior metallic-looking hands included to hold his weapon are a proper movement since the joint fingers are unable to hold the rifle. The flexibility of the individual joints / digits will ultimately affect the stiffness of the handle. Even then the big endorifle is a bit difficult for the figure to get right, let alone try to lift it.

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