INFLAMES 1 / 6. Scale A Chinese Odyssey Zhi Zunbao (Monkey King) 12-inch action figure

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A Chinese Odyssey is a second-born 1995 Hong Kong fantasy comedy film directed by Jeffrey Lau and with Stephen Chow. The first part is titled A Chinese Odyssey part one: Pandora's box, while the second is called a Chinese Odyssey part two: Cinderella. The film is very loose on the Wu Cheng Roman journey to the west. Stephen Chow portrays Monkey / Joker. A scale of Chinese zodiac Zhi Zunbao (Monkey King) 12-inch figure features: Two. A Chinese Odyssey Zhi Zunbao (Monkey King) Features: Two (19459003)
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Click on it. Click on the image to enlarge it For bigger and better views. Costume: Red scarf, white underwear, dark brown robe, belt, shaper, black flowers, white socks.