Iron Studios Batman vs. Bane Battle 1: 6 Diorama

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"I am Bane and I could kill you … but death would only end your torment and your shame Bane is an escaped convict from an island prison in South America and a super villain / assassin.

Bane has an abnormal physical strength as a result of the experiments, which is a derivative of the drug Venom. He became known as "The Man Who Broke the Bat" when he broke Batman's back and forced Bruce Wayne to give up the Batman man while he recovered. Bane was originally designed by the writers Chuck Dixon and Doug Moench and the artist Graham Nolan, and he first appeared in Batman: Vengeance of Bane # 1 (January 1993). "Sideshow and Iron Studios are proud to present the Batman vs Bane Battle 1: 6 Diorama."

This limited edition diorama is made of polystone and is based on conceptual art by the official DC Comics artist Ivan Reis. Standing about 22 inches tall, the hand-painted diorama features an epic battle between Pena Duro, also known as Bane, one of Batman's most dangerous opponents and the Dark Knight.


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