Local Firmenmarken 50 years of national service with a series of miniatures of Singapore soldiers

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He had a collection of 150 military figures, but none of Singapore's soldiers. So Caleb Lin, a military buf, decided to produce his own miniature Singapore soldiers, which he also sells online.

Miniature stories includes 18 designs of SAF soldiers in three categories – parade, attack infantry section and the standard obstacle course. Each hand-painted metal figure is 6cm. The parade series consists of SAR 21 rifle trot soldiers who wear different Basque caps and three races – Chinese, Malay and Indian, while the Sturm series catches a section of seven soldiers in Tarn-get-up, with weapons like one Matador anti-armor weapon system. In addition to the third-generation soldiers, there is also a first generation in the classic Temasek Green uniform worn in the 1960s and 1970s and a second-generation soldier armed with an M16 rifle. The first generation was introduced in April to get together with NS50, a one-year celebration commemorating 50 years of national service this year.
osw.zone Local Firmenmarken 50 years of national service with a series of miniatures of Singapore soldiers

FIRST GENERATION SOLDIER – Babyboomers who had their national service in the sixties and seventies would have attracted the Temasek Green Uniform, (SBO) – a belt consisting of ammunition bags, a water bottle, toggle rope and bayonet.

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Click on it for bigger and better views. SECD GENERATION SOLDIER – A soldier of the second generation is wearing the classic Woodland Camouflage pattern uniform, which was used from the 1980s to. In 1945, 1945, 1945, The early 2000s. Armed with an M16 rifle, he is in a standing hipfire position, which has been accepted as a symbol for open mobilization exercises that flashes on TV screens. He also carries an SBO, which is equipped with a toggle cable, comm cord holder, L-torch and whistle bag.

M203 GUNNER – Cover behind a tree trunk, a third generation soldier carrying the pixellated "Digital Camouflage" unit introduced in 2008, With a SAR 21 rifle attached to an M203 grenade. In full camouflage he also wears a carrying vest, which is strapped with ammunition bags and a water bottle. He has a pair of spectacles and knights.

MATADOR-GUNNER – In the face of a shot position another soldier of the third generation has a Matador anti-armament weapon system, His shoulders sits shooting an enemy vehicle. In full camouflage, he also has a SAR-21 rifle, which is hurled over his shoulders and carries a carrying vest with ammunition bags.

SOC LOW ROPE – A soldier of the third generation is about to conquer the ropeway in the standard obstacle course. To stand up, he must use his right leg to drag the rope over his left leg and pull it upwards until he knocks on the metal pole. He also carries a SAR 21 rifle and wears a carrying vest with ammunition bags.

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