Mighty Jaxx toy story is one of the courage and glory

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Toys are not child's play for Mr. Jackson Aw.

The 28-year-old is the founder of a million dollar toy design and production company. The store, Mighty Jaxx, started in 2012 as a $ 20,000 start-up. Today, it works with major brands such as Warner Brothers and New Balance and is expected to make $ 5 million in sales this year.

Mr. Aw's toy story is about following one's own passion at school, even if it means taking a less common path. After graduating from Nanyang Poly in 2009, Mr. Aw began selling renovated vintage cameras. The business was successful, but he sold it to a business partner in September 2012 to start something new.

osw.zone Mighty Jaxx toy story is one of the courage and glory

After years of collecting toys, Mr. Aw thought he should start a related business. He liked the idea of ​​creating toys and not just buying them. So he visited some toy factories in China and was surprised to find out that the toys were made not by machines but by humans.

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Mr. Aw learned to appreciate the toys after he saw that many hands went into them.

"I come from an average family, so my parents thought I was crazy, but they helped me to arrange the ($ 20,000) loan, they now understand the business more and they support me a lot." said:

Mr. Aw first worked with local artist Clogtwo to create an original character called "Hell Lotus" – a skeleton sitting on a lotus. They produced 200 models and sold them in 2012 at the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention.

"We sold a total of 20 pieces," he said with a chuckle.

"When I was younger, I did not do it I think so much, and I just did things The risk was high, but the payoff was high – it made sense to start a group of people doing this Toys could appreciate. "

The business grew from year to year. In 2014, he expanded to Shanghai, the company's first overseas enterprise, by shipping.

Mighty Jaxx then worked with Warner Bros to create a series of XXRAY characters – a dissection of superheroes of superlatives like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman guts and fame.

osw.zone Mighty Jaxx toy story is one of the courage and glory

Mr. Aw told the Warner Bros people he worked with, with valued originality and a balance between design and commercial value.

osw.zone Mighty Jaxx toy story is one of the courage and glory

He said, "They were really fantastic at deciding what works, but it helped us understand the masses more."

osw.zone Mighty Jaxx toy story is one of the courage and glory

Now, Mighty Jaxx ships to over 50 countries and employs 20 people, including quite a few of interns to work in areas ranging from conception and sculpture to customer service. Last year, there were 100 new toy releases. In five years, the company has sold thousands of models.

Mr. Aw said he had learned some important lessons.

Back when it was a small company, I thought that all my problems would disappear if only I had money, but being here also poses new challenges, "he said.

Next to the administration In finance, he also learned to use the experience of his staff.

"Sometimes one of them takes two weeks to climb mountains abroad or do other things," he said. "I let them go because I know that they will come back inspired. So they're sharing what they've done, and they are flowing into our designs. "

In the local toy industry, Mr. Aw said the small scale of Singapore means the church is small." There are about 50 people here "We're all pretty close."

In addition to making toys, Mighty Jaxx is working to expand his presence by running projects with dance crews, music labels, and freelance artists.

Ultimately One important thing is passion, said Mr. Aw.

"In Mighty Jaxx, we are not money or price hunger. It is passion and an open mind that helps keep you on your way throughout the journey. "

A version of this article appeared in the printed edition of The Straits Times on January 1, 2018. The full article can be found HERE

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