PEWPEWGUN 1 / 6. Scale Collectibles Series YGS02 SHEN WUZHIQI (2017 Toy Fair Exclusive) 12 inch action figure – Sun Wukong

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Yaoguai (妖怪 pinyin yāoguài) is a Chinese term, which generally means "demon". The term is commonly used in Chinese mythology and folklore. Yaoguai are mostly malicious animal spirits or fallen celestial beings who have acquired magical powers through the practice of Taoism. The evil are commonly called Guài (literally "freak") or mó (literally "demon") in Chinese. Their greatest goal is to achieve immortality and thus desolation. In the journey to the west the demons look for this mainly through the abduction and consumption of a holy man (in this case Xuanzang). The monk has three protectors who help him to help him as an atonement for their sins. These disciples are a white horse, Sun Wukong (Monkey), Zhu Bajie (Pig) and Sha Wujing (Sandy), along with a dragon-prince who acts as Xuanzang's Ross. Sun Wukong often uses this term to offend his (demonic) opponents. "SHEN WUZHIQI is 12.7 inches (32.5 cm) tall and has 36 points Of the joint (without joint finger) Product incl. Robot naked body (frame only) with black armor palm with articulated fingers x2 hand palm x4 energy can x1 figure stand x1 weapon x3 cannon barrel x1 Requires: AG1 X 3 button cell batteries for luminous LED function (batteries not Included)

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