Preview Pics by CooModel 1: 6 Scale Monster File Series | The witch "Black Sultan" is a cat

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COOMODEL X OUZHIXIANG MF004 1: 6 Scale Monster File Series The witch "Black Sultan" 12 inch figure shows the following: Specially designed head sculpture by Black Sultan, Special Designed tattooed female body equipped with interchangeable parts, six (6) pieces of interchangeable palm trees. Costume (s): black leather waistband, black leather vest with lace, black, pointed hat, broken black, double-layer, long skirt, black black leather men with lace, two red high heels, scarlet gypsy scarf, leather belt, two (2 ) Pair of silver armbands

Shape shifting parts: specially designed head sculpture of the evil cat, woolen tail, wool neck warmers, cat feet, cat paws, 5) Tarots, blue crystal ball, cirrus support, fabric purse, leather bottle fastener with a round piston and three test tubes, mouse, red magic effect piece, two black cats. Base Scene: Grass Mud Base, Rock Base, Three (3) Jack Pumpkins, Two (2) Tree Branches

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