Preview Soy's 1: 6 Scale Dark Samurai 12 "Figure – another Samurai inspired Darth Vader

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May the darkness be with you, the Dark Samurai seeps all night, almost invisible until he beats hard , Then disappears "19459002]
Darth Vader has developed into one of the most iconic villains of popular culture and is one of the greatest rogues and fictional characters of all time. The central figure of the Star Wars saga is actually inspired by the warriors of feudal Japan, and especially by a war lord of this period: Date Masamune (check out the action figure checking the DID 1/6 scale date Masamune Samurai action figure Released on My toy blog HERE ) American illustrator Ralph McQuarrie and the British sculptor Brian Muir are the two characters who created the character's character IV for this famous Raumaga in 1976. [Dawn1:6scaledarksamurai12inchfigurefeatures:figurebodyNaginata(blade)Kabuto(helmet)Shikoromen'smasktara(earprotector)x2kusazurix7parasolx2kimonohakamatrousers)tabi(socks)x2Waraji(strawsandals)x2Kote(armoredsleeves)x2Uwa-obi(belt)

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