Review II: Hot Toys Dawn of Justice 1 / 6th Scale Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Collector Figure

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Here are more pictures of Hot Toys MMS359 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1/6 scale Gal Gadot as a Wonder Woman Collectible figure with many close-ups to enlarge on the beautiful details that Hot Toys has so laboriously inserted around this 12 inch figure to look good. For me, there is no better-looking Wonder Woman figure as far as this of Hot Toys. The smaller size of other manufacturers such as Square Enix, Mezco, Medicom MAFEX etc just look like toys compared to this Hot Toys 1 / 6. Scale Wonder Woman. By combining and using different materials to produce this figure, Hot Toys has created yet another masterpiece of museum quality.
Even if I say that is the better sundress so far, I would not say that it is the best. I have some problems with it. One of them is the painting of the teeth, making Gal Gadot look like Bugs Bunny with their buck teeth. And although Hot Toys took time to develop its own 1 / 6th scale feminine seamless body, its freedom of movement is rather limited, preventing collectors from wondering in more great poses. It also seems like hot toys female body has a fairly long neck, making Wonder Woman look like giraffe gadot in certain angles. Phicen Limited (today TBLeague) has already developed and published many seamless female bodies that are extremely flexible and can be placed in so many different ways. If only Hot Toys had used their bodies, then this figure would have been phenomenal.

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Click on it for bigger and better views. Hot Toys MMS359 Batman v Superman: Twilight of Justice 1: 6th scale Gal Gadot as a miracle collector's costume consists of gold- Tiara, red-blue-and-gold armor, silver bracelets and red-and-gold boots. The shoulder strap holds her lasso of truth and sword when she does not use it. She also comes armed with her shield.

] up Shots of Hot Toys Gal Gadot head sculpt.