Review: LEGO Construction 75112 Star Wars General Grevious 32cm high Build figure

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"More machine than alive, Grievous is – albeit more dangerous for her". – Jedi Master Yoda

General Grievous was a brilliant separatist military strategist and a dreaded Jedi huntsman who was known for his recklessness and hacking of cough. He was the commander-in-chief of the Confederation of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars against the Galactic Republic, and is trained in all the light-swamp fighting to secure the destruction of the Jedi. His body was a weapon that allowed him to be beaten and beaten.

This is the LEGO Construction 75112 Star Wars General Grevious Buildable figure. The description for the product reads: Run the Separatist Droid Army with super-tough General Grievous as you've never seen it before! This amazing, structural LEGO version of the feared commander has full limbs, 2-in-4 separation arms, and 4 structural Lightsabers.

LEGO Construction 75112 Star Wars General Gregant Building Grounds Features Limbs, 2- In-4 separation arms and 4 structural light barriers. You can separate your arms and fight with 4 Lightsabers! Run the Droid Army against the Jedi! Strong and durable design for intense action game. Figure stand 32cm tall. Cape not included. The Cape came from the Hasbro Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith General Grievous 12-inch action figure. The figure was too short and not imposing or intimidating enough, when I saw that this Lego General Grevious Buildable figure is 32cm tall, I had to get it. Check out the height and size comparison with Sideshow Collectibles 1 / 6. Scale Obi-Wan Kenobi published in the pictures below. I think this Lego General Grevious Buildable figure looks better with the Cape.

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Without the cloak is Lego General Grevious Buildable figure too thin